Why Javy is the Perfect Gift 

Javy Coffee made it their mission to make coffee more convenient. Now they're here to do the same with your holiday shopping! Holiday shopping isn’t always fun and easy, but they have the best holiday gift for anyone and everyone in your life! 
2. Make your coffee anyway you like it.

Reason #01

Convenience is the BEST gift you could give anyone, and that’s exactly what Javy Coffee is. One bottle = your favorite coffee in 6 seconds. Skip the drive-thru lines during the busiest time of the year. 
2. Make your coffee anyway you like it.

Reason #02

Reason #2 why Javy is the perfect holiday gift. It’s extremely versatile. You can make iced coffee, hot coffee or cold brew. The lucky recipient of this gift can brew up a hot coffee to stay warm this winter or a cold brew while they are mentally on a sunny beach escaping the cold. 
3. Packed with caffeine.

Reason #03

If we haven’t convinced you yet, one 6oz bottle of Javy Coffee holds up to 30 servings of coffee! That’s one cup a day for an entire month in just one bottle. 
4. Nothing but pure coffee.

Reason #04

Reason #4 why Javy is the perfect holiday gift, it’s affordable! It’s priced great for you, the gift giver, and the friend or family member you’re about to get hooked on it! They can even sign up for the Javy Monthly Subscription program and receive bottles directly to their house every month! 
5. The ultimate money saver.

Reason #05

Last but certainly not least, Javy is sustainable! Javy is made from sustainably-sourced coffee beans from plants grown in a regenerative farming system.

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