Javy’s coffee concentrate is made of 100% natural arabica beans and the purest water. We’re happy to be dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free with 0 calories.

An unopened bottle can be used within 12 months. Once opened, we recommend refrigeration and use within 6 weeks for the best taste.

1 serving (1 teaspoon) has 80mg of caffeine - equivalent to a typical cup of coffee.

Simply pour in 1 teaspoon (or more depending on your preference) of our tasty concentrate over ice, hot water, or your favorite milk addition to make your cup of everyday magic just the way you like it. Visit our Recipes page for more inspiration! 

All of our coffee beans are sourced from small and reliable farmers using eco-friendly growth and trade practices. Our bottles are made of premium recyclable glass material so we can do our part in sustainably reducing coffee waste. We also strongly focus on composting all of our coffee grounds.

In addition, we’re proud to partner with RAIZ Sustainability where 100% of farms are deforestation free and meet all mandatory social compliance measures. Javy is thrilled to support and lead the way for higher standards of sustainability across the coffee industry, including our consumers in every part of our journey to a better and happier home for all of us.

Did you know that an estimated 2.5 BILLION single-use coffee cups are discarded globally every year? Javy is happy to positively contribute to the health and well-being of our planet, along with our partnered farmers and consumers. 

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