Using passwordless login

Quickly access your customer portal with no password required using a 4-digit code sent to your phone or email.

Sending the passwordless login 4-digit authentication code via SMS is only compatible for phone numbers from the United States and Canada. International phone numbers will receive the 4-digit code through email only.

Follow the steps below to sign with your 4-digit code:

Step 1 - Request a passwordless login code

  1. Navigate to your Shopify account login page.
  2. Below Need help accessing your subscriptions? click on the Click here text.
  3. In the Login window, enter your email address associated with the subscription account.
  4. Click the Send login code button.

Step 2 - Check your email or text message

A 4-digit authentication code is sent to your email and by text message. This code is valid for four minutes. If the code is not confirmed within that time frame, you must complete Step 1 again to send a new login code

  • If you only have an email address on your account: You will only receive the 4-digit authentication code via email.
  • If you have a valid phone number and email address on your account: You will receive the 4-digit authentication code through email and SMS.

Step 3 - Enter the 4-digit code into the passwordless login screen

  1. In your browser, return to the login screen.
  2. Type in the code you received by email or SMS.
  3. When successfully logged in, the screen is redirected to your customer portal.

If you did not receive your 4-digit code via email or SMS, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your email spam folder.
  • Try refreshing the passwordless login page and re-enter your email address to receive a new code.
  • If you have exceeded five failed login attempts, refresh your web browser to help reset the login attempts. This requires you to re-enter your email address and obtain a new 4-digit code to try again.

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