How To Make Iced Coffee With Oat Milk: 3 Ways


Do you have a go-to coffee that you never fail to order wherever you go? What if it’s time to change things up? The coffee industry is always changing and adding new processes and flavors to coffee to make it more fun and interesting. One new addition that has become popular is oat milk.

Similar to almond and soy milk, oat milk is a delicious, creamy, and wonderful addition to coffee. Are you wondering how you can change up your go-to order with some oat milk?

Read on to see how oat milk can be added to your cup of coffee!

What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a non-dairy milk alternative that is made from whole rolled oats and water. The oats are steeped in the water, blended, and then removed using a mesh strainer. The result is the nutritious and delicious product we know and love as oat milk.

Coming into existence more recently than its almond and soy competitors, oat milk has only been around since 1994. Though oat milk may be more recent in discovery, it is not any less delicious or beneficial as a milk alternative!

Health Benefits

Oat milk isn’t just tasty. It also has essential vitamins and minerals we need in our daily lives. Let’s dive into what those vitamins and minerals are in our beloved oat milk.

Since oat milk is made from whole oats, it has many of the same benefits you would find in other oat-based foods, such as fiber and protein. Protein is crucial for helping rebuild tissue, breaking down sugars and other nutrients, as well as aiding in immune responses. Fiber is a powerful nutrient that aids in digestion and maintains balanced levels of cholesterol.

Other important vitamins and minerals that can be found in oat milk are calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and potassium. So, if you are looking to switch your whole milk for oat milk, know you are still getting some of those vital vitamins and minerals.

Does Oat Milk Mix Well With Coffee?

Alternative milks are wonderful options to mix with coffee, especially if you have an intolerance or allergy to cow’s milk. The choices of alternative milk are growing, and it is wonderful to try new and healthy options.

Milk in coffee is a classic staple in the coffee world. Is oat milk just as good to mix with coffee as cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk is naturally creamier and thicker than non-dairy milks. This can make it an ideal choice when mixing with coffee. However, if whole milk is not an option, oat milk is the best non-dairy milk option available that can be both creamy and smooth.

When steaming milk, specifically for lattes or cappuccinos, the milk expands and creates a thick foam. Almond milk, soy milk, and other non-dairy options don’t usually thicken as well since they are more watery in texture. Oat milk, however, is ideal if you are looking for a thick and creamy non-dairy milk alternative.

Oat milk is smooth, creamy, and the closest texture to whole milk of the non-dairy beverages. It is very easy to mix with coffee and is flavorful enough to create a balanced bitter, sweet flavor that makes the perfect morning sip.

What About Iced Coffee?

When adding flavors, sugar, and cream, hot coffee is a better base for mixing. Since the beverage is hot, the coffee breaks down whatever addition is added easier than iced beverages.

Luckily, since oat milk is smooth and creamy, it is easy to combine with iced coffee. With oat milk, you don’t need to worry about the same graininess that you can get in some alternative milks!

For those who love strong-tasting coffee, oat milk is a great addition to any cup of joe because it is not as naturally sweet as whole milk. Oat milk allows the natural coffee flavors to shine through while balancing out any bitterness. The coffee stays strong and flavorful, so you don’t need to add extra sugar.

3 Ways To Make Iced Coffee With Oat Milk

Iced coffee is growing in popularity across the globe. Half of the coffee drinkers in the United States drink iced coffee all year round. Snow or sunshine, iced coffee is an excellent way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Cold brew, lattes, and regular iced coffee are just a few of the different ways you can enjoy your coffee on the cooler side.

Since iced coffee is increasing in consumption and popularity, it would be even better to incorporate another cool and popular item: oat milk.

Let’s see how we can add oat milk to our iced coffee beverage of the day!

1. Mocha Iced Coffee With Oat Milk

The first beverage in our lineup is a regular mocha iced coffee with a splash of oat milk. Mocha is a simple and classic flavor addition to coffee. It sweetens the beverage, but it doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the coffee. Since a lot of coffee has hints of natural cocoa flavor, mocha empowers those flavors for a delicious chocolatey drink.

There are a number of different ways to add mocha to coffee. However, if you are looking to skip out on the sugary chocolate syrup, we recommend a coffee concentrate like our Javy Mocha Coffee Concentrate. Coffee concentrate is full of rich flavor, yet it does not contain a lot of added sugar. From there, you top it off with oat milk, and you are good to go!

Simple and hard to mess up, adding oat milk to your mocha iced coffee will not be a disappointment! You can add a little, or you can add a lot. You are the boss!

2. Caramel Cold Brew With an Oat Milk Cold Foam

The second beverage to try is a caramel cold brew with an oat milk cold foam. Cold foam is another popular addition to iced coffees.

Oat milk is the closest non-dairy milk to regular whole milk in texture. Since oat milk has a thick texture, it is better for frothing than any other non-dairy milk. You can make cold foam with oat milk; however, do not expect the same exact texture with oat milk as with heavy whipping cream.

Cold brew is a smooth and simple coffee beverage. Caramel can be added to the cold brew with syrup, though Caramel Coffee Concentrate is a great alternative for less sugar with the same amount of caramel flavor. If you are looking to make your own cold brew at home, coffee concentrates are the way to go.

A milk frother will be necessary for making your own oat milk cold foam, but once you acquire the concentrate, oat milk, and the milk frother, you will be ready to go!

3. Iced Oat Milk Latte

Last but not least, oat milk is a wonderful substitute for milk in iced lattes. Oat milk makes iced lattes extra thick and creamy. With or without any added flavors, iced lattes with oat milk are delicious! Whether you like your lattes sweet or plain, oat milk will compliment it either way.

If you are looking for a tasty flavor combination for your oat milk latte, try adding in white chocolate, brown sugar, maple, and vanilla! If you are lacking an espresso machine at home to pump out your own espresso for your latte, coffee concentrates let you make espresso based coffees without a machine!

All you need to do is add some concentrate, add the oat milk, add some ice, and you are ready to enjoy your own homemade iced latte.

Oat Milk as an Alternative

Oat milk is a delicious alternative milk. Full of extra vitamins and minerals, oat milk is not only healthy for those with an inability to consume regular cow’s milk, but it is a flavorful way to switch things up.


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