About Us

Making an impact, one cup of coffee at a time.

Javy Coffee is committed to making custom coffee, convenient without compromise. We aim to improve not only the lifestyle of our consumers but also the world we all live in. We’re passionate about leaving a profound and positive environmental, social, and governance impact. With that said, Javy has chosen to put regenerative farming practices at the forefront of its mission.

About our coffee

Javy Coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced from farms all over the world. We have partnered with the Raíz Sustainability® to consciously source coffee from farms that prioritize regenerative farming practices. Raíz Sustainability® provides several ecological services, direct farmer support, and extensive training around sustainable practices such as biodiversity, soil health, and soil rebuilding. Once the coffee beans are harvested, we roast them to a medium roast to preserve their unique natural flavor and then cold brew them.

A person in a red hat harvesting coffee beans from its tree

What is regenerative farming?

Did you know that typical farming systems will deplete nutrients from the soil, making it harder and harder to grow coffee or other crops year after year?

Regenerative farming is the practice of repairing land to produce sustainability for a long period of time. Knowing coffee is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change, we are focusing on regenerative farming practices to make the land more resilient and build a more resilient farming system to withstand the climate changes.

Together, Javy and Raíz Sustainability® focus on partnering with farmers in profitability, social well-being, and environmental stewardship. By following a continuous improvement philosophy, the program gives farmers access to a support system and premiums from the first day they sign a commitment to work towards 100% compliance with Raíz Sustainability® 's 118-point sustainability standard. As of 2020, 67% of Raíz Sustainability® farms are utilizing renewable energy, every farm is using at least two water protection practices on average, and 100% of farms are deforestation free and meeting all mandatory social compliance measures.

Javy is thrilled to support and lead the way for higher standards of sustainability across the coffee industry, including our consumers in every part of our journey to a better and happier home for all of us.

Meet Candelario, a Raíz Sustainability® Farmer

Candelario García is a proud farm owner, who dedicates his life to coffee farming in the hills of Santa María de Pantasma. Candelario’s farm, El Consuelo (The Comfort), is roughly 38 hectares, or 93 acres. The coffee planted takes up roughly 36 hectares, or 90 acres.

A man smiling and wearing a Raíz Sustainability® hat walking on a trail in the woods

In January 2016, Candelario joined Raíz Sustainability® with the purpose of improving his farm management skills and becoming more efficient at looking after the farm resources, such as the people working on site, the natural resources, and the working capital.

Candelario recognizes that farming is a challenging activity, so farmers must be able to adapt quickly and learn from previous mistakes. He has been able to remain profitable by being disciplined and rigorous when it comes to protecting the soil and biodiversity on his farm. Candelario points out that farmers in Nicaragua are seeing the effects of climate change with the weather becoming more extreme every year, therefore it is imperative for farmers to do everything they can to protect nature. In order to combat changes in nature, Candelario has been planting native shade trees on his farm to ensure that coffee is produced sustainably for generations to come.

Being part of Raíz Sustainability® means that he has a responsibility to perform with high standards and his efforts are rewarded by the program via cash incentives, capacity building and investments needed to improve his farm infrastructure.As a Raíz Sustainability® member, Candelario is also respected in the community as an advanced farmer, which gives him better access to additional services and opportunities outside of the program.

(*) The raiz sustainability program applies only to coffee concentrates.